Tales and Tips: Setting Up for Success

With over 18 years of human resource experience you could say that I have seen (and dealt with) it all. The bulk of my corporate career was in employee relations where it was my job to work with managers and employees to outline expectations and coach to success. What I have learned throughout my time in employee relations is that communication is key. Yes, I could tell lots of stories of the crazy things that I have seen and dealt with in the workplace, but the number one issue that I would tell you I had to deal with was [...]

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Talk to Me! Understanding what Employees Want

In my blog, “To Review… Or Not” we discussed the trend of companies moving away from the formal, written review with ratings to an informal, frequent feedback system whereby no formal documentation or ratings are collected. I also discussed in this article that not every company is ready for this more informal process, and I provided you with the key attributes that must be in place for success. One key to employee attraction and retention is the relationship between employee and manager. Today’s employees (of ALL generations) want to know where they stand, that they have development opportunities, and that [...]

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To Review… or not?

If you are like most business owners, from time to time you find an article that catches your eye. One that makes you stop and think, “Should I be doing this for my company?” It is easy to read an article, get an idea, and think to yourself “Ok, let’s go with it!” However, sometimes it is best to ensure you have the right foundation in place before you make the jump. Once such topic that is getting a lot of press lately is the topic of the formal written review and, frankly, is it even necessary anymore? In this [...]

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