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Discover What Your Employees Think

Best in class companies understand that to truly attract and retain talent they must stop to understand what their talent thinks and how they feel about the policies, programs and culture of the company. They do this by conducting employee surveys. Surveys provide a safe, autonomous way for employees to provide feedback and allow you to make informed business decisions. Bridge HR Now provides employee surveys that are tailored to your company’s needs and provides targeted, actionable feedback.

  • Tailored to target your company’s unique objectives and work environment
  • Provides confidential vehicle for employees to openly share feedback
  • Translates complex data into a straight-forward action plan
  • Equips your company to effectively communicate survey findings and outcomes to your employees

The Surveys We Provide

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement

Bridge HR’s employee engagement surveys are designed to give you insight about your employees’ engagement with your organization, uncover areas that need attention or improvement, and provide data for you to make decisions and set priorities. You will receive a comprehensive summary of the results along with recommendations on next steps. Bridge HR will also provide you with a communication plan for communicating results and outcomes of the survey.

Employee Benefits Survey

Benefits Surveys

At Bridge HR Now we understand that every company has a unique culture with unique benefits packages. Our Benefits Survey will provide you with insight about the benefits that are most important to your employees, enabling you to target your benefit dollars to the offerings that will have the most positive impact on your employees’ satisfaction and retention.

On-boarding Surveys

On-boarding Surveys

Discover insights about your company from your newest employees. Bridge HR Now’s on-boarding surveys provide valuable feedback about what attracted your newest employees to your organization as well as what areas you could improve on in the on-boarding process. You will be provided with solid understanding of the satisfaction of your new employees with their transition into your company and how well equipped they are to perform their job effectively.

Stay Interviews

Stay Interviews

Bridge HR Now will conduct periodic stay interviews to provide you with information from your current employees regarding continuous improvement efforts. The results of these surveys provides you with solid data-driven information aimed at allowing you to make decisions. From these surveys you will better understand why employees continue to work for your Company, what they like, and where they would like to see improvements.

Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews

Having turnover but don’t understand why? Or, would you like to better understand when an employee does leave what caused them to leave? Bridge HR Now provides exit interviews to allow your Company to capture constructive feedback from employees who are leaving your company. From this, you will gain insight about how to better manage and motivate your employees and ensure they are properly equipped.