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Ensure Compliance and Protection

Managing a business in today’s environment can be challenging. As a business, you want to ensure you are creating an environment that attracts and retains talent. You want to know that your organization complies with the ever-changing employment laws and regulations, mitigating the risks of costly law suits and fines. While these things are super important to you and your business we all get busy! Bridge HR Now’s HR Audit provides you with a clear picture of:

  • Gaps in regulatory compliance
  • Gaps in protection against law suits
  • Gaps in culture, environment, programs that could lead to turnover
  • Recommendations and priorities for improvements

Our Full HR Audit Service

Ideally, as we begin our journey with you as your HR partner, we like to begin with a full, comprehensive HR Audit. This evaluation of your company’s employment practices provides us – and you – with a clear picture of where you stand in all key aspects of HR. You get visibility into where you are doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement and risks that need to be addressed. You will walk away with a detailed report that reveals all our findings and includes recommendations and steps that you can either implement on your own, or with our assistance.

A critical part of Bridge HR Now’s Service is the HR Audit. The word “audit” tends to invoke uneasy feelings but just as your company audits its accounting practices and procedures, it’s necessary to periodically audit human resources policies and practices as well.

Our audit covers 20 key points that all tie into compliance, protection and culture. The HR Audit service is a critical first step in improving your overall HR program. It allows you to understand where you are and what your needs are.

Bridge HR Now’s 20 Point Audit

The 20 Points Covered in the Audit

Once the 20 point audit is completed, you will be provided with an in-depth summary highlighting areas of strength, areas of opportunity and areas of risk. The report will include a list of recommendations and action items that can be implemented or updated to ensure compliance, protection and “best in class” culture. From this summary, you will have the opportunity to make changes on your own or, if preferred, you will be provided with a cost associated for Bridge HR Now to work with your team to execute the action items. Together, we can prioritize and produce a game plan that fits your company’s needs and budget.

Examples of Action Items from the Initial HR Audit Service

Employee Files Audit

One of the possible outcomes from your HR Assessment may be the recommendation for a full audit of your employee files. This would include your HR Business Partner reviewing all employee files to ensure the necessary forms and paperwork are present, verifying access to records is properly managed and secured, record retention processes are in place, and that employee personnel information is protected. Your HR Partner will audit and clean up the files and would assist you in implementing a process for ensuring sound practices going forward.

I-9 Audit

A second possible outcome of the full HR Assessment may include a recommendation for a full audit of your I-9 forms to ensure compliance and proper retention. We will carefully review each I-9 form compared to employee lists to ensure documents are present and current, properly completed and filed, and monitored for non-resident status. Your HR Partner will audit and clean the forms, get proper forms completed on any that are missing, and assist you in implementing a process for ensuring proper completion, filing and retention going forward.

FLSA Audit

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act you must comply with exemption regulations. As part of the outcomes from the HR Assessment you may engage Bridge HR Now to conduct an FLSA audit of your positions to ensure compliance. We will review current job descriptions or, if no job descriptions are in place work with you to create and implement job descriptions. Utilizing these descriptions, your HR Partner will utilize the exemption tests provided under the FLSA to determine if your positions are correctly identified as either exempt (not eligible for overtime) or non-exempt (eligible for overtime).